How do I run a club?

Goblin kits are generally constructed in a lunchtime or after school engineering club, often run by parents and volunteers rather than teachers. The children quickly lead and organise the construction themselves by following the assembly manual – so running a club is much more about helping the children stay on focus rather than telling them exactly what to do! The kit typically takes 10-15 sessions to assemble (including the bodywork, which the teams design themselves). Most schools use free, recycled materials for the body work (cardboard, corrugated plastic (correx e.g. estate agent signs), or even carrier bags or recycled drinks cans). View the gallery and previous year photos for inspiration!

When working with larger groups it is possible to split the build into various tasks e.g. some students can work on the steering whilst others work on the electrics. The chassis is constructed using basic hand tools (spanners, screwdrivers, etc) and does not require any specialised technical knowledge or skills. If you can construct a LEGO kit or a piece of IKEA furniture you can build a Goblin!

If you get stuck you can always email Greenpower directly or contact the Bath Goblins Team for free local advice and/or a support visit.

All parent helpers / volunteers will be required to provide a volunteer DBS (previously CRB) check. This will be arranged free of charge by the school you are volunteering in.

The school will require a risk assessment for the club activities, sample risk assessment templates to use are provided here.

Keeping a Log

On competition day you earn extra points for handing in a portfolio for your go-kart – this should include a photographic log of your build and any designs / sketches made by the students. Therefore make sure you take plenty of photos  as the build takes shape. Portfolio guidelines are here.

What is provided in the loan kit?

Some Bath schools have already fundraised and purchased their own Goblin kit(s) to use annually in the competition, for instance Freshford Primary have raised enough money to purchase the first two kits for their sole use. Both older G1 (tubular) and new G2 (pressed steel) Greenpower Goblin kits may be used.

To enable more Bath primary schools to take part in this local competition there are also now an additional ten loan kits available each year on a first come, first served basis. Each loan kit includes 1 x full Goblin kit and 1 x child size motorcycle helmet. The loan kits have been generously provided via our sponsors and are therefore free to use, however any lost or damaged parts at the end of the year will need to be invoiced to the school (damage is rare – the kits are very robust!). The team will require their own basic tools (spanners, allen keys, hammer etc) which can normally be sourced via asking parents to donate spare unwanted tools to the school.

Teams are also welcome to race their Goblin in other Greenpower events (subject to space availability) such as the fun ‘Gathering of Goblins’ at Goodwood race track in July.

For more information please see the Help section of this website.