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The IET Greenpower Goblin project in an exciting national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) project where primary school students aged 9-11 build and race their own electronic go-kart. Typically run as an after school or lunchtime club, the students work as a team to assemble the go-kart kit and then design and build the bodywork out of recycled materials such as cardboard.

Once complete the go-karts are raced at fun local and national events. More details are in this Greenpower leaflet.

Uniquely for the Bath area we are also working with Bath Carnival to provide free workshops to create costumes for both drivers and cars. The cars will then be paraded within the Bath Carnival on Sat 21 July 2018.


The competition is for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils (team members must be aged 9-11 on race day). Teams typically consist of 6-10 students, but may include more.  Bath Goblins will consider kit loan requests from schools within an approximate 10 mile radius of Bath.

Where / When?

The kit is delivered at the end of February and then assembled at school between March and June, ready for the race day(s) in the summer.

We will also parade all the go-karts as part of the Bath carnival procession in July. Assistance will be available from the Bath Carnivals team to help create the go-kart decorations and costumes.


The full Goblin kit is generously sponsored by local businesses and so the kit free to borrow for the entire season. These kit loans are primarily intended as a catalyst – if you enjoy the project this year why not fund raise to purchase a dedicated kit for the school for next (and every) year!

The free loan kit consists of a full Goblin kit (including motor/batteries etc.), one child motorcycle helmet and one battery charger.

Cardboard and other free recycled materials need to be provided by the school for the bodywork. Wiltshire scrap store is a great place for resources!

Tools are not provided. You will need a simple set of metric spanners, allen keys etc. Many schools ask parents to donate surplus tools to the school in order to build up a basic tool kit. However even purchasing these tools new would not cost more than £20.

The competition day entry fee (currently £40+VAT per Gobliin), contributes towards the race day insurance, trophies and administration. The fee will be invoiced to the school directly by Greenpower shortly before race day. Most schools request a small donation from the PTA or the parents of each team member to cover this entry fee (e.g. £5 per child for a team of 8 students).


Bath Goblins provide sample risk assessments for assembly sessions and racing days.

The annual Greenpower Goblin competitions have been running with primary school children for many years and are considered as safe as they can be, although naturally all sports have some minimal risks. The Goblins travel about 15mph (cycling speed) but with four wheels, much lower centre of gravity, roll bars and motor cycle helmets they may well actually be safer than riding a bicycle!
For further information please refer to the Greenpower website.